At eNVy, an umbrella brand of the main hive here at-View HQ, we are as busy as bees. The never-ending quest to deliver the best and hottest hi-tech solutions for the media accessory market is a mission we follow fanatically. For what more important a thing is there in life than one’s chill time? The easy, effortless art of relaxation…. time to enjoy, to play, a time for escapism and for the journeying of our limitless imaginations.
And so you can see why we at eNVy are busy buzzing like bees: There is always the next innovation.
And we are excited to be introducing eNVy’s new, inspirational range of pioneering products: Beginning with this 9H Tempered Glass, Protective Screen Cover, specially designed for retrofitting the Nintendo Switch OLED. Truly, you will think you have just purchased a military grade cover.
‘Yes folks, step eagerly this way, huddle round now: Be the eNVy of your friends with this must have attachment for 2022, easily installed, super styling screen of crystal clarity, playability perfecto, the best, the elite, the ultimate in gaming protection’
Media accessory solutions done superbly
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