PS5 Faceplate with Customised Vents for LED Light Show
Gone with the Winter equinox, Christmas now past, New Year and January done and dusted. Yet it is still positively midwinter and still positively two more months until any passing chance of cracking open this years’ Spring and Summer wardrobe. So once again the time is right for us at Q-View HQ to be warming up your gaming ambitions, by announcing two new and innovative eNVy offerings for both the disc and digital versions of the PlayStation 5 
Imagine it….Close Encounters of the PS5 Kind, zooming, spinning in from across the vast expanse of space, discharging more than four-hundred multicoloured, oscillating light configurations, bursting with neon incandescence as it swoops down upon your waiting desktop. Master then your extra-terrestrial PS5’s multifunctionality with a Smart, IR remote control, coming complete with interchangeable speed functions, DIY colour sequencing, volume control and an in-built microphone for synchronising with music. Play, relax, unwind, further exploring your inexhaustible imaginations or just have a mad, bonkers party.
Thank the stars for Midwinter…. The Spring and Summer wardrobe can wait 
Media accessory solutions done superbly  
This is us at Q-View